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7210 - Premium Nut Driver Set Gold Ink Honeycomb Handle w/ Titanium Coated Tips (4pcs)

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4 Piece Nut Driver set. Honeycombed handles reduce weight to help with fatigue during long wrenching sessions. The "Button" on the end allows for continuous applied pressure while adjusting your grip. Titanium coated tips help reduce wear and tear on both the hardware as well as the drivers themselves. Deep cavities allow for nuts to be installed and removed from longer bolts. Size indicated on button for easy location when stored in tool rack.

  • 4.0mm Driver
  • 5.5mm Driver
  • 7.0mm Driver
  • 8.0mm Driver

  • Titanium Nitride Coated tips
  • Machined "Honeycombed" Aluminum Handles
  • Replaceable tips

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